Patches - replacement set
Patches - replacement set

Patches - replacement set

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Nonsmoker - pregnancy

Be responsible now.

Congratulations with your pregnancy and coming baby. From now on your shoud avoid nicotine strictly as soon as possible. This special application was developed to support you to stop smoking mild and efficient with special respect to your conditions.

Product profile – that`s what you can expect

  • reduced need for nicotine
  • lesser physical addiction
  • lesser mental addiction
  • feeling more efficient
  • usual withdrawal accomplished after 48 hours
  • absolutely no risk for your baby

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The slimming-eTrigg premium

Slimming with concept.

Slimming eTriggs are made to support your efforts to reduce your weight. Usually your appetite will be reduced and the pleasure in physical exercises will improve. The premium is the most intensive application and consists of three different eTriggs for a 9 weeks program. No. 1 is made to remove the most common blockades causing weight issues. No. 2 and No. 3 take care for the slimming process. It`s mild and healthy without any side effects or chemical substances.

Product profile – that`s what you can expect

eTriggs 1
  • dissolves blockades
  • relaxing
  • easiness
  • reduced self damaging behaviour

eTriggs 2 und 3
  • less hunger
  • fewer hunger cravings
  • quicker feeling of satiety
  • mood for exercise
  • willpower – it`s easier to say no
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Stressless eTriggs

Get rid of stress

Stress and burnout is typical for our presence - with a rising trend. The anti-stress-eTriggs supports you to get more relaxed and handle burden with inner tranquility. As a result you should be better able to meet requirements. No side effects, no chemical substances.

Product profile – that`s what you can expect

  • serenity
  • less aggression
  • higher performance
  • less excessive demand
  • internal calm
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Insomnia - eTriggs for better sleep

Get back on track.

We are very proud to present our insomnia eTriggs. We have developed and tested this product for a long time and we are glad to finally offer you a chemistry free application for your better sleep. However, high efficiency makes it necessary to point out that this application is actually only applied when the user actually wants to sleep. In everyday life, these eTriggs must not be used under any circumstances.

Product profile – that`s what you can expect

  • calm sleep
  • falling asleep more quickly
  • deeper sleep
  • extended periods of deep sleep
  • awaking more refreshed
  • inner balance
  • better quality of life

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