What to do?

Choose the application fitting to your need. On the order form you have the choice between different colors. After receiving your complete order we will produce your application individually and send it promptly to you by postal shipping. The eTriggs will be provided in a sealed envelope together with the application description.


Even if our eTriggs are made for different kind of needs the functionality is almost the same. You will find the product already fixed on a medical plaster for an easy use. Each eTriggs consists of a metal derived from the medical technology and is - as well as the plaster -  suitable for allergic sufferers. Just affix the eTriggs with its plaster on the skin of your back as recommended in the application description. Please be aware to affix the application only on healthy skin (do not fix on inflammations, redness or birthmarks). Leave the eTriggs on your skin for the period of time as per description – the period is application depending between 2 weeks up to 3 months max. After use you can dispose the eTriggs.

Especially for the non-smoker and the slimming-eTriggs we recommend affixing it before going to bed. You will not mention any impulses, which means the use is totally free of pain.

Carrying an eTriggs does not restrict you from your customary behaviour. You can shower and move as usual. Just in case that the plaster drops away you can fix it again with a commercially available plaster. We recommend to change the plaster regulary due to hygenical reasons. Please make sure that the eTriggs is in contact with your skin. In the first two days we recommend to avoid caffeinated coffee and essential products like minting chewing gum or minting candy in order to improve the effect. Please prevent the eTriggs form extreme heat and hard shocks because both can neutralize the effect. While you are using a sauna please remove the eTriggs temporary.  

By drinking a lot of water during the first two days you’ll support the effect.

The effect usually begins – application depending – between 24 to 48 hours after the affixation. Please hold the eTriggs between 2 and 12 weeks - application depending. You will find detailed information in your application description. Application depending and once got in contact with your skin eTriggs will have an effect period between 3 weeks and 5 months.

To put the etriggs with the plaster on:

Special reference for the non-smoker eTriggs

The non-smoker-eTriggs will remove nicotine from your receptor cells and does not replace it by other means of nicotine. The first 48 hours are extremely important. Do not to smoke during this time. After 48 hours your need to consume nicotine is customarily over. We recommend affixing the eTriggs before you go bed. So done you will gain some effect hours while you are sleeping. Keep the eTriggs for 14 days on your skin. To ease the first 48 hours we suggest to avoid classic “traps” e. g. coffee after dinner if you are used to have it with a cigarette. Such kind of well-conditioned behaviour pattern should be suspended in the first days. Avoiding coffee (caffeinate) and essential products (mint, spearmint) will support the effect.

Please be aware that the non-smoking-eTriggs will have a lesser effect if the user refuses to stop smoking.

Special reference for the slimming, good mood, anti-fear and panic application

The mentioned application should be used for a longer period of time up to 3 months max. We strongly recommend changing the affixing place once in a week to avoid a long coverage of a particular part of your skin. The slimming premium application consists of 3 eTriggs that should be used one after the other. Please store the unused eTriggs safe and away from high-energy rays.

Each eTriggs is developed for a single use only.
If your have any questions please feel invited to send us a mail to we@etriggs.com

eTriggs eliminate bio-energetic disruptions and self damaging-behavior by triggering your somatic cells with impulsea. Each application requires a different kind of solution and accumulation. Currently we provide 10 different kind of solutions but we develop continuously further applications. Just in case that you do no find a solution for your individual problem here; we invite you to get in touch with us by mail.

After affixing the eTriggs on your skin it becomes effective after 24-48 hours - application depending. Basically all user respond different in respect to degree and space of time. In no case side effects were reported. The efficieny rate is application depending between 64 % (slimming) and 84 % (sea-sickness). Due to legal reasons and effect cannot be guaranteed. Constantly we improve and test our products.

For all kind of eTriggs application we usually mention the same effect: if the bio-energetic dysfunction once is corrected the users shape will improve immediately: fast, mild and without any chemical substances or side effects. The science of bio-energetic is relatively young but due to its efficiency it will be essential for the future.
Bio-energy will gain a substantial importance in different kind of fields in the future. For different uses as well as for the human performance and well-being.

For further information about this topic in general please visit:

Physical effect

The planet earth has never been a disk. Nevertheless it was taught for centuries. Atoms never had a massive nucleus despite this fact is published in schoolbooks to date. Whatever the quantum physic has proven as a matter of fact in the last decades did not get access to our daily life. The main statement and the key inside: matter does not consist of mass. It consists only and completely of energy. Even because matter might be discover as hard or heavy – e. g. an iron bar – the idea that it may consist only of energy is admittedly not easy to realize. Today we are aware that our body cells communicatio for millions of years via energetic impulses and thats what we do with our technology as well. It’s all and only about energy. All human processes are based on bioenergetic impluses transmitted to the body cell to initiate a particular process. That`s the cell communication our technology is based on. Pure science of physics.

Therapeutic principle

As a result that it’s all about energy the human body consists as well of energy. Dysfunctions or sicknesses might be understood as malfunctions of the human energy field. With the right bio-energetically information malfunctions might successfully be compensated.

Practical value

eTriggs offers efficient solutions to transfer bio-energetically information via a special transmitter to the human body and its cells. As a transmitter we use a very special piece of metal alloy that we call eTriggs. Depending on the application different kind of information are accumulated on the coin.
Depending what kind of dysfunction has to be corrected we “program” each  eTriggs with the fitting information. Once affixed on the skin an eTriggs gets in touch with the human energy field and the body will absorb the set of information. As long as the eTriggs is in touch with the skin the information will be transferred continuously. At the end of the effectiveness period the dysfunction should be corrected successfully. Unnecessary information will be ignored. This application is extremely mild without and substances or side effects.

Increasing effect

Drinking clear Water, tranquillity, fresh Air

Inhibitory effects

Coffee (caffeine), all kind of ethereal Oils (mint), stress, heavy metal contamination, toxic loads

Security advice for all eTriggs:

eTriggs are made for external use only.
Do not swallow or implement the eTriggs,
Please take care that your eTriggs is not heated up unreasonably (no oven, microwave, sauna).
Shocks or falling to the ground must be avoided.
Affix any eTriggs only on healthy skin (no inflammations, no redness, no birthmarks).
We recommend to change the patch and the position of the eTriggs on a regular basis.
If you mention against expectation skin redness, remove the eTriggs and consult your medical doctor.
Keep the eTriggs out of reach of children.