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Sea sickness – travel sickness


Nausea adé.

Do not let your cruise, sail or trip spoil you. This eTriggs has been developed to combat the symptoms of maritime, travel and motion sickness and has been optimized for offshore sailing. Without side effects, without chemical or other substances and without interactions with other drugs. Especially without affecting your performance. We wish you a pleasant journey.

That`s what you can expect:

  • less sensitivity to movement
  • nausea is suppressed
  • You remain mentally powerful 
  • no fatigue due to the application
  • greater relaxation and serenity
  • more optimistic attitude

Seasickness and motion sickness are passé.

This application is the result of numerous tests on the high seas. Even under tough conditions, 4 out of 5 users were free of complaints! The application is suitable for leisure travelers as well as for professionals in maritime professions. Both for adults and children. With this eTriggs you can also enjoy your cruise or your journey carefree, without nausea and discomfort – caused by sea or motion sickness. Acute as well as prophylactic (recommended). The special advantage of our application is that it maintains your efficiency. The fatigue and sluggishness usually associated with chemical agents are eliminated in our application. Especially sailors and professionals benefit from the fact that eTriggs seasickness does not affect their performance. In a Transatlanik Sail Rally, we achieved 82% efficiency in a test. 100% of users had no side effects.

This eTriggs has a total duration of action of 5 months and a person can use it repeatedly in this duration – assuming proper storage. We recommend that you attach the eTriggs two days before your trip. After the trip you can take it off and store it safely until the next application.

eTriggs have no side effects and are free of chemicals.


Ihr eTriggs besteht aus einer Edelmetalllegierung aus der Medizintechnik und ist – wie die mitgelieferten Pflaster – auch für Allergiker geeignet. Durchmesser des eTriggs ist 21 mm, 1 mm Höhe, Gewicht ca. 4 Gramm, befestigt auf einem Pflaster.
Versand: eTriggs auf Pflaster mit Anwendungsbeschreibung im sicherheitsverschlossenen Umschlag.
Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung geeignet.

Your eTriggs consists of a precious metal alloy from the medical technology and is – like the patches supplied – also suitable for allergy sufferers. Diameter of the rope is 21 mm, 1 mm height, weight about 4 grams, fixed on a plaster. Shipping: eTriggs on pavement with application description in the safety-sealed envelope. For external use only.


eTriggs sind nur für die äußerliche Anwendung bestimmt, sie werden mittels des mitgelieferten Pflasters auf der Haut nach Anwendungsbeschreibung fixiert. Befestigen Sie eTriggs nicht direkt auf Knochen oder in unmittelbarer Nähe der Wirbelsäule. Wechseln Sie aus hygenischen Gründen regelmäßig das Pflaster und die Hautstelle. Befestigen Sie eTriggs nur auf gesunden Hautstellen (keine Rötungen, offene Stellen oder Muttermale).

eTriggs are only for external use. They are fixed by means of the supplied patch on the skin according to the application description. Do not attach eTriggs directly to bone or in the immediate vicinity of the spine. For hygienic reasons, regularly change the patch and the skin area. Only attach eTriggs on healthy skin (no redness, open spots or moles).


eTriggs dürfen nicht verschluckt werden, lagern Sie sie sicher vor Kindern. Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung geeignet. Lassen Sie den eTriggs nicht zu Boden fallen und setzen ihn keiner großen Hitze aus. Verwahren Sie eTriggs außerhalb der Reichweite elektromagnetischer Strahlungsquellen (z. B. WiFi, Router oder Mikrowelle).

eTriggs must not be swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children. Only suitable for external use. Do not drop the eTriggs to the ground and do not expose them to excessive heat. Keep eTriggs out of the reach of electromagnetic radiation sources (eg WiFi, router or microwave).


Bitte beachten Sie, das der Umtausch oder die Rückgabe Ihres eTriggs nach dem Öffnen des versiegelten Umschlags aus hygienischen Gründen ausgeschlossen ist.

Please note that the exchange or return of your eTriggs after opening the sealed envelope is excluded for reasons of hygiene.


Ergebnisse können individuell verschieden sein. Sie hängen von Faktoren wie Physiognomie, Umwelteinflüssen, Umgebung und Verhaltensmustern ab. Daher dürfen wir aus rechtlichen Gründen keine Ergebnisse garantieren.

Results may vary individually. They depend on factors such as physiognomy, environmental factors, environment and behavioral patterns. Therefore, we can not guarantee results for legal reasons.