The eTriggs effect.

State of the art technology.

The eTriggs technology is based on physical and chemical effects. We see ourselves as disciplinary in biophysics and not in medicine.

With the eTriggs technology, we have been able to transmit signals to the body cells to start or correct certain processes. We can promote or reduce the production of hormones and thereby initiate desired processes or suppress undesirable ones. For example, we can produce messengers such as serotonin or dopamine (also called happiness hormones) and improve our mood. Other payout such. For example, we can suppress histamine, for example, to avoid becoming seasick. But we also take care of symptoms, such e. g.  Overweight often a result of blocked processes.

Each eTriggs application controls different processes and is designed only for the specific application. Our coins are “programmed” with different information. By applying the eTriggs Coin externally to the skin, it transmits the necessary impulses to the body cells. The reaction rate and the intensity are different for each user.

What is common to all eTriggs applications is that we do not supply substances to the body, but that we exclusively use the body’s own processes. The body does not absorb any chemical or biological substances with the eTriggs technology and thus no side effects or interactions can arise. The application is equally possible for adults and children. eTriggs is a technology for modern people.

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