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Special tips for non-smokers.

It has never been easier to quit smoking. After you have attached the eTriggs, you will usually have less desire for nicotine after 2 days. A good tip is to break with the usual patterns of behavior and not even exposed to the “learned” smoke situations. Give up the cigarette after eating, the cigarette with friends – whatever motivates you to smoke.


Here is a small list of the wonderful things that happen when you quit smoking:

• Already 20 minutes after the last cigarette, the pulse normalizes. The release of dopamine, known as the stress hormone, is decreasing. Also, hands and feet, which are usually cooler and poorer in smokers because of the vasoconstrictive effect, get back to normal body temperature.

• After eight hours without cigarettes, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in the body return to normal levels. Overall, this makes it more resilient and more efficient.

• The risk of heart attack, which increases significantly with addiction, even with moderate cigarette consumption, decreases after the first 24 hours, if only slightly.

• After 48 hours smell and taste normalize. One can smell and taste better again, because the nerve endings in the mouth and nose begin to regenerate.

• Three days after the last cigarette, the function of the respiratory organs improves measurably.

• Just one week after the last stink of blight normalizes the blood pressure, which increases by the tobacco consumption. Fertility and potency are restored just three months after quitting. Pregnancy risks are significantly reduced by non-smoking. Anyone who stops smoking not only has more often but also better sex, according to surveys.

• After one to nine months, all respiratory tracts benefit from non-smoking. The shortness of breath disappears, the paranasal sinuses become free again and the general coughing stimulus disappears. In addition, the risk of infection decreases, which is significantly higher for smokers due to the constant irritation of the respiratory tract.

• Every day without cigarettes, the skin becomes smoother and rosier again. Even the ugly discoloration on fingers, hands and lips fade.

• With the beginning of non-smoking not only the bad breath and the coating on the teeth disappear. The risk of cancer in the oral cavity, esophagus, and for earlier tooth loss also decreases.

• Non-smokers live longer, on average ten years. In this time you are not only resilient and physically fit, but also has more money available – about two thousand a year with a box a day.

• As a non-smoker, you no longer belong to an unpopular minority, of whom most Germans (85 per cent in 2014) believe that they are weak-willed.

• When you finally quit smoking, you feel like you’re in control of yourself and your life again. A better ability to concentrate and a saving of time in everyday life are added.


Special slimming tips 

We can help you to reduce your weight. eTriggs transmits motivating and appetite-inhibiting signals to your nervous system to make losing weight easier. Less appetite and a greater need for exercise – this is how eTriggs works.

Here are a few excerpts from the tips sent to us by our customers:

The lemon ingredient complete.

If only then! If you drink lemon juice, you really only enjoy the acidity of the fine fruit. As a perfect fat killer The lemon acts when completely mixed. With bowl and all the trimmings and then drunk over 3 days with plenty of water. It’s best to buy a bio lemon. The effect is amazing.

Listen and relax and get lean

The secret of life energy in our food: the new vegan diet * Author: Ruediger Dahlke * Spoken by: Peter Liebig The calorie lie: How the food industry makes us fat * Author: Hans-Ulrich Grimm * Spoken by: Julian Ignatovich The food lie: How the food industry drives us crazy * Author: Hans-Ulrich Grimm * Spoken by: Frank Preiss Of course, losing weight with hypnosis: Being in harmony with oneself being healthy & being healthy without dieting * Author: Katja Schütz * Spoken by: Carmen Molinar, Barbara Gassner SOS Slim without sport: the turbo-metabolism program from the tropics * Author: Katharina Bachman * Spoken by: Franziska Arnold, Dietmar Wunder

A small booster works wonders

Anyone who has ever eaten so-called superfood knows what we are talking about. It feels good and is just efficient. But what comes in a very special mix for weight loss actually pure?

Here is our Superfood Booster:

2 tablespoons beetroot powder

2 tablespoons dandelion or spinach powder 2 tablespoons wheatgrass powder

1 tablespoon of nettle powder 1 teaspoon Matcha tea powder

2 teaspoons algae powder (best blue algae) Chia powder of your choice and at least it tastes a little bit:

3 tablespoons of goji powder and

3 tablespoons of acai powder Mix everything, then in the fridge and every morning and every evening each a tablespoon of it with spelled milk and a little acacia juice drink.

100 who made it, reveal their secret recipes

We asked 100 successful users how they managed to get leaner. This little list is a compilation of supportive tips that have helped successful eTriggs users get rid of the extra pounds.

• every morning 5 minutes of simple stretching exercises

• daily min. Drink 2 liters of still water

• everything that makes you fat just stop shopping

• Eat 2 apples or pears per day

• One cup of hot water in the morning (without additives)

• Magnesium and Vitamin C facilitate weight loss

• a sticker or PostIT on the refrigerator with the target weight helps immensely

• Get out of the office for half an hour every day

• Drink a glass of hot water half an hour before and after each meal

• if possible avoid alcohol and sugar (if this is too difficult, there are sugar substitutes, such as xylitol, rice or agave sweetener, etc.)

• Meditate daily and memorize your own body in the desired weight state very well

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