The principle of action

The human body is a tremendously effective and coordinated organism. Hundreds of thousands of processes are controlled by bioenergetic or biochemical processes. This applies to standard functions of everyday life but also for special situations such. Stress. Millions of body cells constantly receive impulses to disperse certain substances and start desired processes. The neurotransmitter adrenaline is a good example. The brain sends an order to the adrenal medulla cells to release adrenaline. The blood circulation is increased, the digestion is reduced and we are ready to fight or to escape. A bioenergetic process with great effect.

So we are able to control substances and processes in our body ourselves and to enjoy undisturbed processes of the best physical and mental health. Unfortunately, this is not often the case, because smooth processes are disrupted by external factors that can override the entire process. When bioenergetic and biochemical processes in the body are disturbed, the result is lower performance, mental problems or diseases. Our usual everyday life provides for the disturbances. Spend a whole working day in front of high-intensity computers, feel empty and exhausted in the evening, children are annoyed after watching TV for 4 hours, and those living under a high-voltage line should not be surprised by a cancer diagnosis. But we live in our presence and therefore we have to adapt to the circumstances.

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